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Classification of polishing machines
- Aug 24, 2018 -

(1) According to the power source has pneumatic and electric two kinds.

Pneumatic type is safe, but need gas source, electric type is easy to solve the power problem, but must pay attention to the safety of electricity.

(2) According to the function of the dual-function industrial abrasive/polishing machine and simple polishing machine two kinds. The double function industry uses the abrasive polishing function to install the grinding wheel to grind the metal material, and can change the polishing disc to make the car paint to bury. This machine is heavier and 2-3 kg, but it works very smoothly and is not easy to damage. This type of machine speed can be adjusted, suitable for professional beauty care personnel use.

The simple type polishing machine is actually the drill rig, the volume is small, the rotational speed is not adjustable, when using difficult to grasp the balance; professional beauty care staff generally do not use such models.

(3) According to the speed of classification has high-speed polishing machine, medium-speed polishing machine and low-speed polishing machine three kinds. The speed of the high-speed polishing machine is 1750-3000 R/man, the speed is adjustable, the speed of the medium speed polishing machine is 1 200-1 r/rain, the speed is adjustable, the speed of the Low-speed polishing machine is 1 200r/min and the speed is not adjustable.