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Development trend of mining machinery
- Aug 24, 2018 -

The large-scale production of globalization has become the mainstream of the development of transnational corporations.

In the continuous reorganization, expansion of competitive strength at the same time, the major enterprises have to strengthen their backbone business investment and research and development, and constantly improve the system complete sets of capabilities and personalized, diversified market adaptability.

First, the status of the present basic Developed countries attach importance to the development of equipment manufacturing industry, not only in the domestic industry accounted for the proportion, accumulation, employment, contribution are the forefront, but also in the equipment manufacturing industry for new technologies, new product development and production to provide an important material basis, is a modern economic indispensable strategic industry, even if the "information society" of the industrialized countries, but also attach great importance to the development of machinery manufacturing industry.

Second, the development of highly unbalanced regional intensification

In 2003 years, for example, sales of the top 500 companies in the world almost from North America, Asia, Europe, the proportion of up to 99%, showing the three continents in the world of the development of machinery industry unparalleled dominance.

Third, transnational mergers and acquisitions of machinery manufacturing industry intensified Modern mergers and acquisitions no longer insist on confrontation and competition, the main means of establishing enterprises to gain competitive advantage. At this time the machinery manufacturing industry in the globalization process of large companies to seek survival and development of a major feature. and the saturated market. Increasingly fierce competition in the market. The increased risk of investing in plants has also made it possible for more companies to start using joint mergers and acquisitions. Under the premise of the factory, optimize the product structure to achieve the goal of increasing production capacity, enlarging market share and obtaining scale benefit. The industry with High-tech as its connotation comes from the threat of technological innovation, which makes the transnational corporation embark on the joint road to form a strong technological innovation ability. The strategic mergers and acquisitions among large enterprises in machinery manufacturing industry lead to the reconfiguration of machinery industry resources. Makes the world machinery industry competition pattern appeared the cooperation type situation.