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Main accessories of Polishing machine
- Aug 24, 2018 -

The main accessories of the polishing machine are parabolic discs.

The polishing disc is installed on the polisher and is combined with abrasive or polishing agent to finish the polishing operation.

Classification of parabolic discs According to the parabolic disc and polishing machine connection can be divided into the following three kinds: Bolt disc: Suitable for the polishing machine with bolted joints. NUT PLATE: Suitable for polishing machine with nut joint. Sucker: Suitable for polishing machine with sucker.

That is, the head of the polishing machine is fixed with a rigid plastic polyester chassis (also called pallet), the surface of the chassis can be glued to the surface with nylon easy to adhere to the plane, so you can choose a variety of sucker-type polishing plate, just put this kind of parabolic disc affixed to the chassis can be very convenient to use.

Classification of parabolic discs by material Wool polishing disc: Wool polishing disc for the traditional cutting materials, grinding ability, the effect of large, after grinding will leave the spinning pattern. Generally used for ordinary paint grinding and polishing, for transparent paint to be cautious. Generally divided into white and yellow, parabolic disc at the bottom of the automatic pasting, to achieve the rapid conversion of the disc. General white wool polishing disc cutting force is strong, can remove serious defects, with thicker wax polish for quick removal of orange peel or modification of grinding marks; yellow wool polishing disc cutting force than white wool parabolic disc weak, generally with fine wax to polish the paint surface, remove the paint rough wax polishing marks and slight scratches. Maintenance Instructions: Regular use comb brush or air nozzle clean wool plate sleeve, clear wax. If the wool disk sleeve is blocked, it should be removed, and a clean wool plate sleeve should be installed to continue polishing. At the same time used wool disk cover to be dry, dry, with comb brush rinse clean. Pay attention to rinse must use warm water, do not use scalding, strong alkaline detergent or solvent rinse. Use the washing machine to clean only the soft block. Usually use air to dry it, it is best not to do machine drying.