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Maintenance and repair of mining machinery
- Aug 24, 2018 -

The maintenance of mining machinery is a very important regular work, it should be with the operation and maintenance of the machine close cooperation, should be full-time staff on duty inspection.

(1) Bearing. The bearing of mining machinery bears all the load of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with bearing life, it directly affects the service life and running rate of the machine, so the lubricating oil must be clean and the seal must be good.

(2) The newly installed tyre is easy to loose and must be inspected frequently.

(3) Pay attention to check the work of all parts of the machine is normal.

(4) Pay attention to inspect the wear of wear parts, always pay attention to replace the worn parts.

(5) Put the moving device of the chassis plane, should remove dust and other objects to prevent the machine from encountering the material can not be broken when the active bearing can not move on the chassis, resulting in serious accidents.

(6) The bearing oil temperature rises, should immediately stop the examination reason to eliminate.

(7) When the transmission gear in operation if there is impact sound should immediately stop inspection, and eliminate it. How to install and debug mine mechanical vibrating screen? Installation and commissioning of mining machinery Vibrating screen: Many kinds of vibrating screen, there are shaking sieve, circular vibrating screen, resonant screen, linear vibrating screen, etc., the structure is different. The user should carry on the reasonable installment, the use and the maintenance to the different sieving machine.