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Operation Code Of Stone Cutting Machine After Use
- Aug 24, 2018 -

1, turn off the total power supply

2, cleaning, finishing work table and site Double Desktop Stone cutting machine circumferential spring dislocation clearance structure, two thin table stone cutting machine set together, each table stone cutting machine each opened two circumferential trough, in the desktop stone cutting machine on the end of a short column, used to install springs.

When assembling, the spring has sufficient tensile force, so that the left and right side of the two thin table stone cutting machine are snapped to the left and right side of the wide table stone cutter to eliminate the gap between the teeth side. Table Stone cutting machine ball screw pair on the working platform of the supporting methods are two kinds. One is the form of a single support, the other is the form of two-sided support. Table Stone cutting machine in the form of clamping a pair of tapered roller bearings in the outer ring and preload, improve the rotation precision of the bearing, increase the rigidity of the bearing device, reduce the vibration of the bearings when the machine works.

The main pins function as follows: 

① control line-the selection of equipment, although the 89C51 has 4 K of Flash, but in order to facilitate wiring and the storage of the program, it does not use internal program memory, so grounded, from the external program memory reading instructions.

② Desktop stone Cutting machine selection of the end to distinguish between the reading of external data storage.

③ ale--address latches The control end, the system expands, the ALE controls the P0 port output the low eight bit address to send the latch to save, realizes the data and the address isolation. In addition, the ale outputs a positive pulse at a fixed frequency of L/6 crystal oscillator, which can be used as an external clock or a timed pulse.

④ reset--reset end, when the input of the reset signal continuation of two cycles above the high level, desktop stone cutting machine Complete the reset initialization operation.