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Working Principle Of Mining Machinery
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Mining machinery According to the different kinds of machine, its working principle also has the characteristic.

Rock drills are used in rocks above medium hard, drilling hole diameter of 20~100 mm, depth within 20 meters of gun holes in the machinery, open-pit drilling machine broken rock According to the working mechanism, divided into steel rope impact drilling rig, DTH drilling rig, and rotary drilling rig, in which the steel rope impact drilling rig due to low efficiency, has been gradually replaced by other rigs. Tunneling machinery is the use of the axial pressure and rotation force of the tool to produce rolling effect on the rock surface, directly crushing the ore-forming roadway or mechanical equipment. The knife has disc hob, wedge tooth hob, ball tooth hob and milling cutter, etc.

According to the different excavation roadway, but also can be divided into the patio drilling rig, shaft drilling Machine Peace Lane Roadheader. Centrifugal concentrator is a machine used for recovering metal ore particles in micro-slime, which is mainly composed of two parts of host and control mechanism.

In the Centrifugal force field produced by high speed rotation of the host cone drum, the heavy ore grains are deposited on the drum wall to become the concentrate, the light mineral grains are attached to the surface of the concentrate, and are affected by the flow membrane (slurry flow), and the drum is discharged into the tailings. Magnetic separator is the use of various mineral magnetic differences, with the aid of magnetic force and mechanical force on the role of mineral separation machinery. The magnetic separator is composed of magnetic system, sorting device, ore-giving and discharging device. Magnetic separator A lot of types, mainly permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, electromagnetic flat-ring strong magnetic separator and high gradient strong magnetic separator.

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