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Purchasing a KAIDA machine means getting several exclusive services meeting the most specific requirements.

The customer's order activates a process following the product life, from the initial order to the after-sale service.

●KAIDA, in a preliminary step, can supply the customer with surveys on the potential bodies in the area the customer is interested in.

●The Study Department is connected with outer centres specialized in mineralogical and petrographic analyses of the materials to be processed, to supply the workability parameters.

●Kaida Engineering Department first evaluates the customer's requirements, then prepares a customized system proposal considering the space/operator factors; if required, KAIDA can supply a system lay-out with setting.

●The project for each system is carried out through the most updated CAD systems.

●KAIDA, simultaneously to the delivery of its systems, offers the customer the availability of staff specialized in training on machine programming, correct use and maintenance.

Remote assistance

KAIDA has always been careful about its after sales services. KAIDA ensures the opportunity for a better service in terms of time and efficacy through its remote assistance, Such connection permits to specialized personnel to identify and solve eventual problems on time.