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Installation Method Of Stone Cutting Machine
- Aug 24, 2018 -

1, the first parallel placement of the track two on the ground. Its width and the cutting frame of the walking wheel width.

2. Put the rack on the parallel track and move it perfectly with the track and movement freely.

3, on the rack put on the stone cutter Mainframe, the host of the four rollers on the rack to fully match the Groove Steel, and the host after the movement direction and frame of the movement direction of 90 degrees cross and each movement freely.

4, the installation of power, so that the motor through the motor foot frame and the host firmly connected, and the direction of the motor axis and the main direction of horizontal vertical intersection.

5. Installation Belt

6, the installation of Shields.

7, start the motor, check the saw blade axis rotation direction and the guard arrow indicating direction.

8. Installation of Saw blades. Connect the hose.